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n-Track Software is a small company of musicians and developers working on audio software for all major platforms.

Company history

The first version of n-Track was born in 1995 when the founder of the company couldn't afford a 4 track tape multitrack recorder (almost nobody back then recorded multitrack audio on computers) to record himself playing guitar, so started playing around with Linux audio programming. After a few weeks of stressful hacking and failure to get playback and recording to sync he reluctantly tried doing the same thing on Windows 95 and succeeded in a matter of hours (Windows audio was at the time much more advanced and stable than Linux, which was still relatively young).
The first very simple version of n-Track was released very soon after that and it immediately attracted many users attracted to the simplicity and power of the small app.
Since then n-Track has been steadily evolving and is now a full featured application and one of the most popular audio recording apps on the internet.
n-Track Studio is now available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.


  • 1995 n-Track 1.0
  • 2009 n-Track Studio runs on Mac OSX
  • 2010 n-Track Tuner app for iOS
  • 2010 n-Track Studio for iOS
  • 2012 n-Track Studio 7.0
  • 2013 n-Track Tuner for Android
  • 2013 n-Track Studio for Android
  • 2013 n-Track Metronome for iOS
  • 2014 n-Track Keyboards for iOS
  • 2015 Songtree spinoff launched
  • 2016 n-Track Studio 8.0
  • 2018 n-Track Studio 9.0
n-Track Software is located in Rome (EUR), Italy.

Please contact us if your company is interested in licensing n-Track software products or in developing custom audio apps.

International Distributors


Flavio Antonioli - Founder and lead developer

Andrea Scuderi - Developer

Matt Thurtell- Marketing and sound design

Piervincenzo Parisi - Developer


Dario Khan - Developer, Graphic Designer

Andrea Angelini - Developer

Marco Bertola - Developer

Athos Bacchiocchi - Developer

Daniele Fumi - Marketing & Customer support

Paolo Simonazzi - Developer

Luigi Felici - Nusofting - Collaborator and maker of n-Track Drums module

Luca Giudice - Samples recording studio

Luca Panzarella - Website and v6.0 Graphic design

Alessandro De Murtas - Graphic design and Users Guide

Bax Taylor - v6.x Beta testing

Poppa Willis - v6.x Beta testing

Y. Oonisi - Multiband Compressor, Graphic EQ, Tempo Delay plug-ins

Ross Howard - n-Track 1.x tape deck logo

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