n-Track Studio 10

Company profile

n-Track is made of musicians and developers working on making music-production an increasing joyful and productive process, whether you're working on a desktop PC in a studio or on a smartphone on the subway.

Company history

The first version of n-Track was born in 1995 when the founder of the company couldn't afford a 4 track tape multitrack recorder (almost nobody back then recorded multitrack audio on computers) to record himself playing guitar, so started playing around with Linux audio programming. After a few weeks of stressful hacking and failure to get playback and recording to sync he reluctantly tried doing the same thing on Windows 95 and succeeded in a matter of hours (audio APIs on Windows were at the time much more advanced and stable than on Linux, where they were still relatively young and fragmented).
The first very simple version of n-Track was released very soon after that and it immediately attracted many users attracted to the simplicity and power of the small app.
Since then n-Track has been steadily evolving and is now a full featured application and one of the most popular audio recording apps on the internet.
n-Track Studio is now available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.


  • 1995 n-Track 1.0
  • 2009 n-Track Studio runs on Mac OSX
  • 2010 n-Track Tuner app for iOS
  • 2010 n-Track Studio for iOS
  • 2012 n-Track Studio 7.0
  • 2013 n-Track Tuner for Android
  • 2013 n-Track Studio for Android
  • 2013 n-Track Metronome for iOS
  • 2014 n-Track Keyboards for iOS
  • 2015 Songtree spinoff launched
  • 2016 n-Track Studio 8.0
  • 2018 n-Track Studio 9.0
  • 2023 n-Track Studio 10
n-Track Software is located in Rome (EUR), Italy.

Please contact us if your company is interested in licensing n-Track software products or in developing custom audio apps.


Flavio Antonioli - Founder & CEO

Andrea Scuderi - Lead Developer

Matt Thurtell- Marketing and sound design

Piervincenzo Parisi - iOS developer


Dario Mambro - Developer

Giovanni Bologni - Developer

Dario Khan - Developer, Graphic Designer

Andrea Angelini - Developer

Marco Bertola - Developer

Athos Bacchiocchi - Developer

Daniele Fumi - Marketing & Customer support

Paolo Simonazzi - Developer

Luigi Felici - Nusofting - Collaborator and maker of n-Track Drums module

Luca Giudice - Samples recording studio

Luca Panzarella - Website and v6.0 Graphic design

Alessandro De Murtas - Graphic design and Users Guide

Bax Taylor - v6.x Beta testing

Poppa Willis - v6.x Beta testing

Y. Oonisi - Multiband Compressor, Graphic EQ, Tempo Delay plug-ins

Ross Howard - n-Track 1.x tape deck logo

© 2024 n-Track S.r.l. | VAT ID IT15290211000
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