Released on 04/23/2014
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n-Track Software has been developing audio software since 1995, when the first version of n-Track was released. Back then it was a simple box with a few buttons that allowed to record 4 tracks. At that time multitrack recording was still done on tape. Since then n-Track has been steadily evolving and is now a full featured application and one of the most popular audio recording apps on the internet.
n-Track Studio is available for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.


n-Track Software is located in Rome (EUR), Italy.

Please contact us if your company is interested in licensing n-Track software products or in developing custom audio apps.


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Flavio Antonioli - Founder and lead developer

Marco Bertola - Developer

Andrea Scuderi - Developer

Athos Bacchiocchi - Developer

Andrea Angelini - Developer

Other contributors

Luigi Felici - Nusofting - Collaborator and maker of n-Track Drums module

Luca Panzarella - Website and v6.0 Graphic design

Alessandro De Murtas - Graphic design and Users Guide

Bax Taylor - v6.x Beta testing

Poppa Willis - v6.x Beta testing

Multiband Compressor, Graphic EQ, Tempo Delay plug-ins by Y. Oonisi

n-Track tape deck logo by Ross Howard

Dutch translation by Max Adaloudis