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n-Track Studio for Windows and Mac

n-Track Studio 9

€ 69.00

Purchase a license to immediately unlock the full version of n-Track Studio 9.1

n-Track Studio Extended Edition - for Windows and Mac

n-Track Studio 9 Extended

€ 139.00

An enhanced version of n-Track Studio - including sample editing, 64 bit mixing & processing, support for control surfaces, surround mixing and more.

n-Track Studio Suite Edition - for Windows and Mac

n-Track Studio 9 Suite

€ 179.00

Access our full suite of 10GB+ royalty-free loops, exclusive beats & over 400 playable instruments, in addition to all Extended edition features.

n-Track Studio Suite

Features comparison

Already have n-Track Studio 9?

Features comparison n-Track Studio n-Track Studio Extended n-Track Studio Suite
  €69.00 €139.00 €179.00
Number of audio tracks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of MIDI tracks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of plugins (VST, VST3, DirectX, AU, Rewire) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free upgrades to all future 9.x releases
Install on all of your computers, Windows & Mac 2 5 5
32 bit (x86) version & 64 bit (x64) version
64 bit mixing and processing
Sample level editing
Free soundbanks
Premium soundbanks
Surround mixing (5.1, 7.1, etc)
Support for hardware faders/control surfaces
Save to AAF
(export to 3rd party DAWs such as Protools etc.)
Sync with external devices (MTC & MIDI clock)

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