Released on 30/11/2015
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Features comparison n-Track Studio n-Track Studio EX
Free upgrades to all future 7.x releases X X
Install on all of your computers, Windows & Mac X X
Number of audio tracks Unlimited Unlimited
Number of MIDI tracks Unlimited Unlimited
Number of plugins (VST, VST3, DirectX, AU, Rewire) Unlimited Unlimited
32 bit (x86) version X X
64 bit (x64) version X X
64 bit mixing and processing X
Sample level editing   X
Surround mixing (5.1+)   X
Support for hardware faders/control surfaces   X
Sync with external devices (MTC & MIDI clock) X
Price $49.00 $89.00

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n-Track Studio
$49.00 $49.00
n-Track Studio EX
$89.00 $89.00

Version 8.0 will be released soon. Buy n-Track 7 now and automatically upgrade to version 8.x as soon as it is released!

  • Immediately download the full version and unlock all disabled features
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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If you purchase the standard version you can upgrade to the EX version for $40.00

Common Questions

  • What happens if I need to re-install n-Track for some reason (e.g., hard drive crash, upgrade to new computer, etc)?
    When you purchase n-Track you receive by email a set of registration codes that you can use to reinstall n-Track any number of times, even if you change computer. And you can always retrieve your registration codes from your user account page on this website.
  • Can I purchase on one computer and use the program on another?
    Yes, the computer from which you purchase the program need not be the computer where you intend to install and use the program. Also the n-Track license allows you to use the same registration codes/license to install n-Track on all of your Windows and Mac computers such as your desktop and laptop.

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